Woen Jinn Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.- Submarine Cable Installation Project ,Dredging Project , Salvage Project , Heavy Lift Project , Stone Dumping Project , Caisson Project
During 1960s, Kaohsiung Harbor twelve-year expansion plan was carried out, the development of middle island commercial harbor area, building the second harbor entrance, constructing container storage center and cross harbor tunnel continuously processed.  The leading government harbor projects resulted related industries to accumulate valuable experiences, especially those who involved the marine engineering and construction contractors.
 Since, at the moment, there were only few well organized companies and many independent contractors; Woen Jinn Harbor Engineering were established in 1986 spring associated with long term cooperation contractors.
Due to Woen Jinn was comprised of long term marine project contractors, the company partners shared their abundant experiences and devoted their efforts to the operations of every aspect.  And the well-cooperated partnership results to the company team work more efficient and gradually building up reputation in the industry under the increasing works.  From the begging, based on sincere and pragmatic attitude, with efficient management and cost to get competitive advantage and fulfill our promised; thus, the steadily growth was achieved.   Up to now we are active on working harbor dredging, commercial and fish harbor construction, sunken ship salvage and submarine cable installation, and smoothly accomplished the projects.  After long term operation, Woen Jinn is confidently capable to satisfy customers with providing services for marine project.
In the competitive marine engineering industry, keeping open minded for continuously innovation and implementing new technologies is the key to increase capability staying in the industry.  Our goals are not only limited in Taiwan domestic marine engineering market, but also in other overseas areas.
- Submarine Cable Installation Project

- Dredging Project

- Salvage Project

- Heavy Lift Project

- Stone Dumping Project

- Caisson Project
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